26 - Alexandra, PhD Student

26th Apr 2020, 12:04 AM in Microraptor
26 - Alexandra, PhD Student
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26th Apr 2020, 12:04 AM
Prester's Church, Kogana, 2008

Please come in, said the department's Chairholder.

A tall blonde woman in her early 20s stepped through his office's door. The Chairholder offered her a seat.
"First off, welcome to Kogana", said the Chairholder, "and welcome to St. John's University. There are surely not many Westerners who want to make their PhD here of all places."
Alexandra politely refrained from answering that she would hardly have considered this PhD position in a backwater country at the other end of the world, if it weren't for the surprisingly high pay that came with it. Rumor had it the university recently got some extensive funding by some American industrialist.
"Having looked through your files, I must say that I am very impressed, especially when it comes to the diversity of your achievements. The position you applied for is here in the Biology Department, but you have also been dabbling a lot in engineering and other fields. No wonder General Von Hayek insisted on hiring you for our project..."
"Well, what can I say?" Alexandra shrugged. "Being multidisciplinary runs in the family!"

"That reminds me... Your surname... It sounds familiar."
"Well, no surprise there - it's in the Periodic Table of Elements."
The Chairholder chuckled at this little quip. "Haha! No, seriously - are you by any chance related to Magnus Ytterbium? He was a remarkable scientist in his own right! Those projects he worked on under Hitler..."
Alexandra hoped that her face didn't reveal all too much the extreme awkwardness the Chairholder caused in her by bringing up her Nazi grandpa.
"He later also worked for the Americans", she hastened to add, "just like his son, who was my dad!"
"All very impressive people", mused the Chairholder, "anyway we are not here for genealogy, we are here for genetic engineering - so let's get to business!"

He leaned forward over his desk, almost in a conspirative manner.
"What do you know about Struthio camelus - the common ostrich?"


26th Apr 2020, 12:53 AM
"A mounted force utterly independent of roads or fuel, perfectly adapted to local flora and fauna, capable of moving unseen, striking swiftly, and fading into the bush to strike again.

"And then there is the unquantifiable--what wretched conscript would willingly hold the line against these birds?"

-Von Hayek
26th Apr 2020, 4:58 PM
Alexandra may possibly have personally met Von Hayek at some point during this PhD.
I wonder if she ever met Drake though. (Considering he was kinda indirectly the one writing her paychecks!)
26th Apr 2020, 2:10 AM
I love this Ostrich War lore. Please don't stop.
26th Apr 2020, 1:25 PM
Thank you! :-)

The bad news:
We'll have to stop in four days, because this is 30 Days of Characters, not 60 Days or something! ;-)

The good news:
The Monaco Royale stuff (of which the Ostrich War stuff is an outgrowth, though I originally introduced the concept two years ago as a piece of backstory for one of my comic's characters) was originally meant as some kind of brainstorming exercise for plot points in Playground, the crossover comic that I do with lirvilas. It thus will most likely be there where the Ostrich War will crop up again next...