14- Rocket Girl by Jay042

14th Apr 2020, 4:42 PM in Jay042
14- Rocket Girl by Jay042
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14th Apr 2020, 4:42 PM
Susan Kent-Barr was the high flying super hero Rocket Girl for many years. She married her long time partner and inventor of her flying gear, James Barr, the Rocket Man. It was a good life for a few years, they even started a family. It started coming apart when Jim got obsessed with getting into the "big leagues" of super heroics. Wanting to be part of one of the big government teams, he focused on his career, and improving his public image. He got controlling of Susan, thinking she was undermining his career for her own benefit, then he got abusive. Things got bad, but she stayed for a while longer, thinking maybe it would improve. Jim got his spot on the team he wanted, and Susan hoped that meant he was finally getting his way. His abuse got worse, and she finally reached her breaking point when he used powers against her and almost killed her.
She decided to leave, and hoped publicly revealing his behavior would get him thrown off the team. The day she filed for divorce, Jim failed to appear because he helped stop a giant robot from destroying the city. Jim had been sleeping with the team's publicist, and got raised up nationally as a hero, and his true nature hidden behind NDA's, security clearance, and bribery. None of the other heroes were going to rock the boat, not even avowed feminist Amazonia.
It's years later, Susan's life has been in a tailspin. As a publicly known superhero, she had a great deal of difficulty. she got custody of their now teenage son Billy and has been trying to provide for him, but no regular job is going to hire a known superhero and the liability of a fight breaking out on their premises. Plus she's gotten blacklisted with all the major teams when trying to expose Jim's nature.
So now Susan and Billy are living in a cheap motel and dependent on her small number of fans support and donations, trying not to fall into depression and doing everything she can to raise her son as well as possible under the circumstances. All the while still trying to fight crime on occasion more in the name of justifying her existence than anything else.


14th Apr 2020, 5:05 PM

That is a rough go.

And probably how you turn someone with the best of intentions into a mercenary... or a villain.
14th Apr 2020, 9:25 PM
Great "classical" design and backstory. Realistic and crushing similarity to real life situations despite the superhero twist.
14th Apr 2020, 10:42 PM
sooooo it has occurred to me that I *might* be an agent of the devil

Anyway, if she's looking for work... I know a place. They're not an out-and-out evil corporation anymore. And they are in the rocket business.


I dunno man. Every once in a while on these 30 Days of Characters I'll see a character who compels me. I'll drop you a PM, I'd like to know more about this character.