27 - Franz Ferdinand Grabsburg

27th Apr 2020, 12:00 AM in Microraptor
27 - Franz Ferdinand Grabsburg
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26th Apr 2020, 11:48 PM
Staying at this hotel was a mistake.

The receptionist was unfriendly as heck, the maid friggin' tasered him for some dumb reason, and now he kept losing at the gambling table!
Young Austrian nobleman Franz Ferdinand Grabsburg approached one of the concierges. Sure, the guy seemed a bit washed out, but he also came across as a man who can solve problems. He told the concierge that he suspected that blonde chick over there to somehow manipulate the game. The concierge took one look at her, and... shrugged. "Well, how did the gadget people at my old agency always say? That's a known problem."

Well, that was disappointing.
Franz Ferdinand went back to the lounge. At the very least he could try finding someone for the night.
There was that redhead billionaire's daughter - but unfortunately she was currently completely enthralled by none other than the hotel manager's son.
Who else was here? Oh, not again that sinister ex-dictator with his whole equally creepy entourage. With a chill going down his spine, Franz Ferdinand was about to leave again - when he saw her standing at the bar.

A woman in a red dress.

To be continued... (Tomorrow.)