25 - President Marcel B'foon

25th Apr 2020, 12:12 AM in Microraptor
25 - President Marcel B'foon
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25th Apr 2020, 12:12 AM
Iraq, 2007

Earlier that day, Private Selene Wildebees had a really entertaining beach volleyball match with a group of American soldiers, but otherwise it had been a day without any noteworthy occurrences at the basecamp.
She was just about to take her evening meal, when a few familiar names blaring out of the canteen's TV grabbed her attention.

Looking up, she saw Marcel B'foon, President of the Republic of Kogana, delivering a speech, repeatedly glancing down at his script. Apparently he didn't have much time for a rehearsal. Also, the man seemed rather unhappy with the whole ordeal.
Then came the essential audio snippet.

"I hereby resign from my office as President of our proud Republic, effective immediately, and give government affairs into the competent hands of my good friend General Volstruis M'buni..."

Selene wasn't fooled for a moment, and likewise weren't the commentators of the news channel: B'foon wasn't actually doing this voluntarily. This was a military putsch.
Sure, Kogana had a lot of problems which its government so far utterly failed to tackle. But was the military taking charge really the answer!?

She looked around. Most of the other people in the canteen were Brits or from other Commonwealth countries. For those this was just some nondescript political upheaval in some minor faraway country. Kogana was directly bordering on Macrobiana however, Selene's own home country. She pondered whether this worrying turn of events could possibly have any consequences for the stability of the whole region.

In the end, it may all depend on what kind of leader this General M'buni will turn out to be....


25th Apr 2020, 9:47 AM
So what I'm taking away from this is

1) a definitive "no earlier than" date of the Ostrich War;

2) Selene Wildebees was professional military before the conflict which
a) from such a small (and relatively peaceful) country she probably welcomed a deployment to Iraq as a chance to test her mettle and;
b) she was a mandatory participant in Macrobiana's last-ditch tactical loss/strategic victory in Gnu Valley (misnomered as "Gun Valley" by the mercenaries for the repeated light artillery duels there, turns out you can carry more than a rider on an ostrich).
c) regardless of her injuries, she probably had to get back into the fight ASAP as Macrobiana armed anyone strong enough to carry an AK.

3) Macrobiana probably asked for help from NATO/the coalition in Iraq--I mean, if Macrobiana helped their friends in their Middle East adventures, then why weren't their friends helping Macrobiana defend against an existential threat? Which probably means there was unwillingness to even so much as put a carrier offshore to dissuade Kogana. And I think I've made clear as to why the US political establishment (specifically the U.S. Senators from New York) would pass off Kogana's trespasses as "an entirely local conflict arising from entirely local causes".
a) Therefore Macrobiana is no longer aligned with Western interests and is definitely in Zamundan orbit, possibly Chinese.
b) Having served with a lot of westerners, maybe Wildebees became a foreigner in her own country.

TL;DR: Wow, that's a lot of speculation.
25th Apr 2020, 10:32 AM
I'm guessing Drake secured some business leaders support back in the states before the proposal to Mbuni.
25th Apr 2020, 11:44 AM
@ Jay:

It may depend on where exactly in the timeline I'll put it, but the issue of when Drake's involvement in all this stuff exactly started (e.g. even before Mbuni's power grab?) may be relevant for the entry I'll do for tomorrow...

(Also, I think you in particular will like said entry for a completely different reason. ;-) )
25th Apr 2020, 11:33 AM
@ lirv:

Yes, it's a lot of speculation, but a lot of speculation that I like! :-)

Concerning pinpointing a date for the Ostrich War, we also know that Selene was already working for ToyCo by the time of Timmy III's assassination, which in-universe was early 2017, if I am not mistaken - and before that, there was also time for her to go on the first Monaco adventure with Bettina.
In my ToyCo chronology (which I wouldn't necessarily consider rock-hard canon though) I have put in the date for the war as "2010 - 2013".
25th Apr 2020, 8:44 PM
@MR: regarding Joseph Drake's arrival on the scene.

I doubt he would care about an African back-bencher like Mbuni prior to the coup. The Silverback, on the other hand...
26th Apr 2020, 12:33 AM
Well, it turns out that it worked out very nicely with the date being 2008...